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Brewers Gold

The legacy of Brewers Gold is plainly apparent. With a moderate Alpha acid content between 5-8, yields high, and has vigorous growth.  Because of this it has been used in the cultivation of many newer hop varieties. Brewers Gold also has a high overall oil content including high levels of Myrcene (35-40%), Humulone (30-32%), and Caryophyllene (36-40%) oils.

Brewers gold first and foremost is a Bittering hop and is most often used in lighter ales, although it can be used in Lagers as well.



Like flour is to a baker, Cascade is the staple hop variety to a brewer.  the U.S.D.A in Oregon gave birth to this hop in 1972, and has undeniably become the hero in the brewing industry.

Cascade contains moderate alpha acid content ranging from 4.5% to 7%. Its real power in beer making is in the aroma, as it was the number one aroma hop developed in the U.S. The aroma of Cascade noses with citrus, sometimes similar to grapefruit. This surely comes from the higher levels of myrcene oils.



Centennial hops, Centennial Hops, Centennial Hops…Did I mention Centennial hops?  Who does not like this one.  Created in 1974, and named after the Washington Centennial Festival, this hop shows off an alpha acid rating of 9.5%-11.5% and is often refereed to as a super Cascade. Centennial is lighter in citrusy flavors, but has a heavy floral head that is easy to distinguish in many american ales.

Centennial is back on the rise after a brief reduction in acreage across the US. Now super popular due to its ability to adapt in beers, disease tolerance, and decent storability.



What do Chinook hops, Back To The Future, Rambo (first Blood), Police Academy 2, Rocky IV, and Mad MAx (Beyond Thunderdome), all have in common?  They were super stars of the 80’s, oh what a great time.  Chinook Hops were created in 1985 by the USDA, and pump up your brewing with a high Alpha Acid range of 12%-14%.  This dual purpose hop is great throughout the entire range of your hop schedule. Use it early or late in the boil, but use it often.  Great in pale ales and IPA’s this hop works well in maltier beers as well such as your porters, and Stouts.  Chinook has great heavy aroma with undertones of pine and herbal notes.



Columbus is on par with centennial and cascade.  This hop has another name, CTZ, which means Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zues.  Columbus and Tomahawk are the exact same hop varieties and Zues is very similar.  The clustered mess of names is due to copyrighting issues between the original grower and Yakima Chief, Inc.

Now that the dry college lecture is done it should be said that columbus is a great duel purpose hop.  Ours is loaded, with an alpha rating of 18%, it will bitter up those pale, IPA’s, and imperials! Columbus has great earthy, herbal tones in the boil, and slight grapefruit aroma at the nose.  With a moderate and well balanced oil content it is a very popular hop being used by a lot of brewers.



Created in Corvallis Oregon, to have an american version of the German HAllertau, this hop is resistant to downy mildew.  It is the sibling to Mt Hood and Liberty Hops and has a low alpha acid of 3%-6%.  Crystal does have a high oil content, which makes this a great hidden gem in the aroma hop world.  Your nose will pick up great woody, fruit and floral notes.

On the lighter side, crystal is used for beers such as pale ales, blondes and those Commercial light beers for drinkers that want a little bit more flavor from a craft beer.



Just as open fermentation is beyond cool in the world of beer, open pollination created Galena, with the help of brewers Gold of course.  Galena is a high alpha acid hop and is most widely used for bittering.  galena will have an 11%-14% alpha rating.

Galena is so smooth that is can be used in any type of beer variety needing a wake up call in the hop boil or fermenter.  With a high Myrcene oil content it boast great fruit aromas yet still has the low earthy flavors expected from a high alpha variety.



The workhorse of the brewing world, Nugget Hops is a cross between Brewers Gold and a high alpha acid Male.  Nuggets alpha rating ranges from 9%-14% and allows for the bite in so many beers. Nugget is considered a great duel purpose hop variety and is “down to earthy” with a super low cohumulone oil content and a high Myrcene oil content you will have those much expected woody notes.  Look to pick up great hints of starfruit from its list of aroma values too.

Nugget hops are fairly resistant to Downy and Powdery Mildew and hold a great storage index at 80% for up to 6 months!


Summit (tm)

Summit was propagated by the American Dwarf Hops Association.  Summits family tree is long and unique.  It all started with Nugget Hops Followed by open pollination, then Zues, then some USDA type X hop which created Lexus.  Lexus was then crossed with open pollination again and voila,  a Summit cocktail!

The king of the Super Alpha Varieties, Summit has an alpha rating of 16%-18%.  Used primarily in IPA’s (I wonder why), it has great grapefruit and tangerine aromas.

ChurchKey farms has teamed up with brian tennis, the only licensed grower of summit in michigan.  We are proud to offer this hop on our menu.  Thanks Brian!



AS Mentioned above, this is a card holder in the CTZ club (Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zues).  Zues, although different, holds all of the same properties as our Columbus with a slightly lower alpha acid content of 11%-14%.  Herbal and Earthy as any good hop should be, don’t be afraid to try this one in your hop schedules.  You may just become a member of the CTZ club yourself.