Churchkey Farms | About the farm
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About the farm

ChurchKey Farms is located in Lenawee County, Michigan, just outside of Deerfield, Michigan, a farming mecca boasting some of the state’s most fertile soil.   The farm has been in the family for five generations, however, hops are a new venture.  ChurchKey Farm is the only hop farm in extreme southeast Michigan.

The ChurchKey Farm was established in 2013 by Matt McFarland. His inaugural harvest was a huge success and a fifteen acre expansion is in progress now.

The breweries utilizing ChurchKey Hops agree that they are growing a very high quality hop, full of excellent aroma and the freshest taste.  ChurchKey Farms has developed a number of relationships with some of the Midwest’s top breweries.

We at ChurchKey have a passion for the brewing process, providing the freshest and highest quality grown hops, contributing to the creativity and outstanding taste found in the craft beer market.